Look Both Ways User Agreement

1. Data storage and privacy

Please read this User Agreement (“Agreement”) carefully before submitting or answering a question on LookBothWays.ca (“Look Both Ways”). The following sets out our privacy policy, how we will use your personal data, and limitations on your use of Look Both Ways’s services. By submitting any content to Look Both Ways, notably in the form of a question or answer, you agree to be bound by this Agreement.

An important part of Look Both Ways’s project is collecting data on (i) the types of questions and answers that are being submitted and (ii) where content is coming from. However, your privacy and, more specifically, protecting the disclosure of your personal identity is very important to us. Our privacy and data policy therefore aims to find a balance.

We will store and keep the content of the questions and answers you submit, subject to limitations by law, notably those set out by the Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector (chapter P‑39.1) (the “Act”). We will use this for a number of reasons, including but not limited to data creation, data analysis, marketing, and funding for the Look Both Ways podcast and website. We will also store all geolocation data that is available to us, subject to limitations by law. This helps us identify where certain questions are coming from and better understand the geographical distribution of questions and concerns throughout Canada, especially in terms of the rural-urban divide.

Because we want to share any interesting insights we might gather from the collection of this data, Look Both Ways retains the right to publish, share, or distribute the content and geolocation data gathered from your submissions.

We aim to anonymize the personal information we collect to avoid you being personally identifiable. This also means that we will make reasonable efforts to mask your personal identity when you may be identifiable through geographic location and the content of your question or answer. For example, if you are a person from a visible minority in a small town, we may not identify the town you are from.

We will also delete all personally identifiable information, except for geolocation data and content you submit, within a reasonable period of time, in accordance with the Act. We will not publish identifiable information such as your name or email address.

We reserve the right to share with law enforcement any identifiable information such as email or IP addresses of users. This includes but is not limited to users who abuse or threaten any other person or who publish personally identifiable information while using Look Both Ways’s services.

2. Intellectual property

When you submit a question or an answer by emailing it to us, submitting it on the website, or leaving us a message (“User-Generated Content”), you retain your intellectual property rights to that content. However, by submitting it, you agree to grant Look Both Ways a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, unrestricted, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, perform, or publicly display the User-Generated Content in any medium and for any purpose, including commercial purposes, and to authorize others to do so.

By agreeing to this Agreement, you also agree that any User-Generated Content submitted by you does not violate any copyright, trademark, trade secret or any other intellectual property right of any party. If your User-Generated Content does violate any such intellectual property rights, we retain the right to delete it. We take no responsibility for any infringement of any intellectual property right of any third party incurred by the publication of User-Generated Content on the Look Both Ways website or podcast.

We aim to comply with takedown requests involving intellectual property rights infringement. This means that if you post content that is found to infringe on any intellectual property right, unless it is properly cited, we retain the right to delete it without notice.

All logos, designs, graphics, photographs, images, video, audio, software, code, text, and any other media, except for User-Generated Content (“the Content”), displayed on the Look Both Ways website, unless attributed to a third party, belong to Look Both Ways and are protected by intellectual property laws including copyright and other proprietary rights of Canada and any applicable foreign country.

You have the right to access Look Both Ways’s content made publicly available on the website. You may not otherwise make unauthorized commercial use of, reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, perform, or publicly display the Content, except as permitted by the doctrine of fair use or as authorized in writing by us.

3. Third party websites, media, or services

Our website or podcast may link you to third party websites or other media. Look Both Ways is not responsible for the content or actions of third party websites or other media. It is your responsibility to consult the terms and conditions and/or privacy policies for any third party website you visit.

Look Both Ways is not responsible for the actions of third parties associated with the services we provide to you.

4. User limitations

By agreeing to be bound by this Agreement, you agree not to:

  1. Abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate any person;
  2. Post content that is defamatory or libellous;
  3. Post content that is demeaning or abusive, including but not limited to such content based upon gender, gender identity, sexuality, religion, class, status, race, national origin, or ethnicity, as deemed by the Look Both Ways administrators or by law;
  4. Post content that infringes on intellectual property rights of others;
  5. Disclose, publish, share, or link to information that publicly or semi-publicly divulges a person’s personal name, address, contact information, or other personal identifying information;
  6. Advertise or solicit any user or reader to buy or sell any products or services; or
  7. Post any content that may be deemed junk or spam.

5. Warranty

You agree to use our service as is. While we make reasonable efforts to guarantee that the service is safe, secure, and bug-free, we do not guarantee any express or implied warranties.

6. Updates to the agreement

We may modify this Agreement at any time. When we make modifications to the present Agreement, these changes will be updated on the Agreement posted on the Look Both Ways website. By continuing to submit User-Generated Content after an update to this Agreement, you agree to be bound by the modified Agreement.

7. Termination

We retain the right to terminate our relationship with you for any reason, including but not limited to infringement of any of the provisions in this Agreement.

8. Contact

If you have any questions or concerns about this Agreement, feel free to email us at lookbothwayspodcast@gmail.com.

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